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1 Radio News app – 1 Radio News, the quickest radio news app for Android.

Headlines and daily shows on-demand. Top global live stations including many international shortwave broadcasters. Radio with English from over 65 countries in one remarkable app.

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Free or pro (more stations, special global shortwave showcase, search, “favorites” PlayMix, no ads).

In addition to being listed among the “Best Amateur and Shortwave Apps,” here are some awesome public reviews of the Pro version of the app from shortwave listening fans:

  • Awesome app! Great addition to my radio apps, remind me when my dad use to listen his short wave radio, great selection of radio stations.
  • More Than Replaces Shortwave This app is amazing. It more than replaces my old shortwave radio. No waiting for nightfall, no moving upstairs to get a signal that fades in and out, no stringing lengths of copper wire to capture feint transmissions. What you get are clear broadcasts without distortion and the range of stations is surprising large. Worth every penny for the Pro version.
  • Awesome for SWLing in the modern world Perfect radio app. Shortwave radio is dead in North America. This app reminds me of evenings with my portable radio years ago in Angola.
  • Good news, a radio app for former shortwave radio listeners Headlines on demand! International and Domestic news!
  • #1 RADIO **** The best I’ve tried! Short Wave is alive and well. Excellent selection of channels from around the world. It is and does all as promised + more. Fantastic Sound quality.
  • Fantastic!!!!!! The best world radio app I ever seen. Tons of stations. Works well almost all the time. They even have old time radio and science fiction radio. Simply the best.
  • Amazing This app puts the world at my fingertips. Simple interface and fast loading. Selection is also brilliant and convenient, there’s something for everyone. Worth every cent, highly recommended if you’re a news junkie or an old-school SWL’er.
  • Great Radio App! I upgraded to the Pro version to get all the stations. It’s great to be able to listen to English radio broadcasts from different parts of the world in an easy to use app.
  • Best swl since my beloved 2010 Fantastic App, I was never completely satisfied with any of the small portables I bought over the years when I went out on my walks, now I not only get a superior selection of stations on my phone but if I hear a story I want to follow up on, my phone has access to this thing called the World Wide Web.
  • Fantastic! Reminds me of the old shortwave radio days. I would also stay up late at night trying to scratch in some far away station on the AM dial. I enjoy listening to news, current events and arts & culture programming from around the world and this app makes it so easy. If this type of thing interests you do yourself a favour and grab the pro version. For the price of a cup of coffee you get access to so many more sources.
  • Fabulous app! Old school news consumers rejoice! Great selection, fast to load….100% 5 stars! The upgrade was the best $X I’ve ever spent. My old shortwave has largely been gathering dust, as few english language broadcasters remain on the medium. Without a doubt one of my favorite apps. Would be lost w/o it. Many many thanks!

Not convinced that you should go pro? Try the free version first instead.