1 Radio News featured in James Cridland’s “Weekly links about radio’s future” email newsletter

Last week we tweeted radio guru James Cridland about our updated app and he replied:

James Cridland

Interesting – a new world radio app that focuses on news radio. Nice idea. /via

Today in his email newsletter, we made the cut again!

Radio apps gain a new niche: There now seems to be four tiers of radio apps – station-specific (“Absolute Radio”), broadcaster-specific (“BBC iPlayer for Radio”), country-specific (“Radioplayer”), or international (“TuneIn”). All of these tiers appear to have their obvious leaders in each country. But I suspect we’ll see more specific radio apps, carving out new niches. Here’s one: the 1radionews app, which acts as a portal to news broadcasters, and news broadcasters only – including on-demand news bulletins, too.

Glad you like the idea. We do too!