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World news radio in English. Listen on-demand and live. Hourly news, daily radio news shows, and more. Quick video tour.

Top global broadcasters – from over 65 countries on Pro.

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  • More than replaces shortwave app for Android plays the latest hourly news radio headlines and top shows on-demand as well as live news from top broadcasters in English.

Play hourly or daily news on-demand on the free app from:

  • BBC News radio
  • NPR News
  • CBC – Canada
  • Radio Japan
  • Radio France International
  • Voice of America
  • FOX News Radio
  • Australia’s SBS
  • ESPN Radio
  • South Korea’s KBS
  • South Africa’s SAfm SABC
  • US Marketplace Morning Report
  • CBS Radio World News Report
  • BBC Global News
  • India’s Daily Grind
  • Radio Nigeria’s Network News
  • VOA’s In the News for learning English
  • Glen Hauser’s World of Radio
  • Our special Podcasts for President collection.
  • And on the pro version, listen to 350+ more carefully selected shows in English on-demand.

Then listen to live news from the best broadcasters around the world in English. Discover over 200 stations on our pro version or experience the free version with the most popular global stations. Many call it shortwave radio listening reborn.

Simply the quickest way to listen to radio news in English from multiple broadcasters.

Everywhere you want to listen, our Store has Amazon links to the latest gear from simple wires and FM transmitters to Bluetooth shower or solar speakers.

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