Turn your new Android tablet or phone into an easy to use world radio

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Did you pick up a new Android tablet or phone over the holidays?

Perhaps you have an older Android smart phone looking for a purpose?

Or some other whiz-bang new Android device you found from our list of top gear?

In the new year, now is a great time to turn your device into an easy to use world radio for news.

And we just added new stations from three countries to our free app and just tripled the number of radio news stations on our “Pro” version  to over 65.

Three key audio/radio-lover “must do” steps:

  1. Install TuneIn radio – No brainer. Get lost in 100,000 stations.
  2. Install Pandora – Ditto. Music.
  3. Install 1 Radio News – Grab the free version or the Pro version with the BEST 65+ English radio news stations we tested, evaluated, and selected to take you around the world.Whether you are a public radio fan, a shortwave listener, looking to spice up your talk radio listening by going global, or perhaps you don’t even have a radio (like my Millennial neighbors), if you like to be informed with news or engaged by the spoken word, 1 Radio News is a must have app for you.If you want more:
  4. Optional – Podcasts – Consider Stitcher or another podcast program IF you want to curate your own list of specific programs. If you invest a few hours now following shows, you’ll have programs “on the go” later.
  5. Optional – Station Apps – If you search Google Play for your favorite station you might find a dedicated app. If you like to “channel surf,” I recommend 1 Radio News for the quickest channel changing. If you really just like to listen to one station, then a dedicated app is great.

Why add 1 Radio News to your app mix?

  • Great Radio News Stations – We’ve found the best English-language sources from around the world and put them together for you in one handy app. Hours and hours curating the best for you.
  • Quick – The quickest station changing we can find. 1 Radio News is fast.
  • Headlines – The only Android app with a collection of on-demand hourly radio news headlines. Play-all option.
  • Easy – Can you swipe and press a button? You can use with one hand. If you really just want radio news, this is the easiest app to use.
  • Be Surprised – Embrace the serendipity of live news, talk, and cultural radio. Discover what’s on and relax. Key is to get the gear you need to actually listen comfortably.

1 Radio News Phone Screen      1 Radio News Phone Screen Shot      1 Radio News Phone Screen