Links to schedules for select live stations on the 1 Radio News apps. Knowing what’s on when in your local area is tricky. Tips below. PRSch = Public Radio Fan schedule.

For more radio schedules (particularly for our Pro users), see:

The “Play” links here take you to the often Flash-based web-based player for the audio. Download the 1 Radio News app to easily listen via Android.

Pro listener tips

  • Know what time it is UTC/GMT for classic shortwave “external” services
  • Many of the “local” stations are programmed for local time with most news related programming concentrated in the morning. This includes the many English-language stations where English is not the native language as well as the many Caribbean and other island stations. You need to listen in their morning to hear news.
  • While some international broadcasters have 24 hour English live streams due to their popularity most do not. Use the shortwave schedules to increase your chance of hearing that 30 minute daily broadcast from your country of interest.