Pandora for news? Spotify for news? Netflix for news?


The 1 Radio News app is becoming the world’s #1 source for global news radio in one unified simple Android app. (iOS?)

We think the idea that people want a “Pandora for news” radio is bonkers.

Rather than exploding radio into a gazillion parts to then have a tone-deaf computer personalize a mix just for you is not what radio is about. Quality radio is about being surprised. It embraces serendipity. It is a craft where dedicated people put together a spoken-word experience with talent and thought.

That said, many people do want quick access to the latest news headlines from the sources they trust. Many like access to news headlines from different perspectives and nations. They do want quick access to new shows they might try – but not a jumble of audio that they can’t scan like web headlines. Most of us trust that broadcast radio – around the world – is an awesome filter for producing and sharing the best of audio. Most of us don’t want profanity laden podcasts.

Our sense is that most people wonder why we can’t just have simply awesome access to radio on-demand without complicated podcast apps and buzzwords. Yes, some folks love searching for hours for the golden needle in the stack of millions of podcast episodes. Use a podcast app for that. For the rest of us, who just want to listen to the latest news on our commute, on a walk, or during quiet times at night, this where 1 Radio News comes in – just press a button and listen to fresh radio news from around the world in English.


Our top rated Pro world radio app has:

  • Hourly and daily radio news from dozens of top broadcasters
  • Over 250 carefully selected on-demand shows in English
  • Over 200 live streams with English, including our global “shortwave showcase” of stations
  • Over 60 countries – in English!

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Some of the headlines, shows, and stations on our free version (400+ more on Pro):

1 Radio News Stations

Check out our quick video tour of the most popular world radio news app on Android.

For those anticipating our iPhone release, this will give you a preview of what you’ve been missing.