News junkies love this radio app. Legitimate reviews!


Here are some great reviews on Google Play about our Pro version:

  • Holly says, “Just what I have been looking for I’ve wanted a variety of viewpoints on the headlines of the moment and this nails it. Thank you!”
  • A Google User – “Like having a shortwave radio. It’s like having a old shortware radio only better because it’s digital, you get more stations and there’s no static. Listen to news from around the world and in the U.S. Hear news stories outside the main stream that your missing. Great app, thank you. Works on my old Gingerbread and newer Android tablet.
  • Bill adds, “Finally!!!!!!! A low load radio app! Bought in immediately! Please keep adding…”
  • Charles makes our day, “This is brilliant. This has most of the major radio news streams in one place. It replaced several of my older apps, which only had a few sites.”
  • In a private email, “In the five or so years I’ve been into Android I’ve never left a review because I didn’t want a Google plus account. But that changed today. I wanted too, and did, leave your app 5 stars and good review after joining Google plus today.”

And on our free version:

  • Abdulrauf says, “News in reach. Excellent.”
  • Amer sums it up, “Great app. Quick and easy streaming.”

Please add your own comments and/or rating. According to Google folks, rating plays a key role in letting users know this app is great. (Meaning, the more folks who rate it, the higher it will show up in Google Play searches.)

Our goal is to show-up near the top when people search “radio news,” “news radio,” etc.  We’ve been # 1 for “hourly news” but who searches for that. 🙂