New Features? Donate to Make it Happen

The two most requested 1 Radio News Pro features are:

  • Search – Show and Station Search
  • Better Player* – Rewind, Playing Now Time and Progress Bar, etc.

Do you want those new features too?

If yes, donate here today via PayPal.**

Your support is vital. With just 1,000 active Pro users each month, we need every loyal user that can afford it to donate something if we are to improve this app and to maintain the constantly changing playlist.

International radio news interest is an extremely niche interest and the work required cannot be covered by a one-time app price.

Revenue from Pro sales and ads on the Free version are only covering 10% of our software development and support time costs. All the revenue is being invested back into tech “maintenance” and I’ve eaten the over $100,000 in time costs over the last three years.

So to get the new features you want, we need your help now.

The next update will also squash the top three crash causing bugs on both the Free and Pro versions. Another huge fix is a massive reduction in data use with the Play-All feature. We’ve also adapted our tech to better play the English-language podcasts from India’s national public broadcaster.


Crowdfunding the future 1 Radio News – Together we can build this

Anyone donating any amount now to our crowdfunding effort will get access to a free lifetime subscription to the future all-new 1 Radio in late 2018. This is a limited time offer.

While updates to the current 1 Radio News Pro playlist will continue for at least another full year, a future amazing rebuilt from scratch 1 Radio will switch to a $2 (or less) monthly subscription for premium features and a larger directory. We need at least $3,000 a monthly in revenue and not $300 to continue this labor of love.

What we do better than anyone in the world is find, review, and sort the best hourly, daily and weekly news and analysis audio content on-demand. We will bring our master curation to new languages and more local news headlines as well. To keep this app going, the couple thousand people on Android who really really love news radio who both bought the Pro app and use it regularly need to band to together to make this a viable small business. Might the next version of the app attract tens of thousands of subscribers, maybe, but I doubt it. But if there are 1,000 of you willing to pay $2 a month, we can keep this radio train moving!

So donate any amount today and consider a monthly donation.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 for these two new priority features and $10,000 for the full rebuild. If you’d like to invest in a future matching fund or explore opportunities to take 1 Radio to 1 million downloads, please get in touch.


Steven Clift – Contact me.
1 Radio News Guy

* The better player plans include a playing now progress bar where you can forward or rewind to a specific point in a show, a ten second rewind button, and playing time information. This way if you need to come back to a longer on-demand show you can skip ahead. With enough support, we are considering adding a skip feature you can use with Play-All and your favorites PlayMix to jump to the next show as well as the option to speed up or slow down on-demand audio.

** Donations are not tax deductible for this is simply a small business that is more of a subsidized hobby with the potential for more.