EuropeDX YouTube review of 1 Radio News Pro – A 12 year-old 12 minute celebration of world radio

Forget that Lifehacker review we’d love to see, we’ve got Dean Denton with the EuropeDX video channel on YouTube is on the job with his review.

Imagine a world with millions of young people like Dean around the world listening to radio to build greater understanding across borders. Instead of just viewing young people as revenue sources for music services, how about seeing them as young minds who will shape our world. World news radio presents an amazing opportunity for empowering the mobile-first generation with knowledge and a counter to social media extremism we worry so much about.

Watch Dean’s review, then get the Pro app!

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P.S. Here is a copy of my comment on his YouTube video:

Howdy Dean! I love the review. Folks can learn more about the app from: The newest Pro version (Android 3.0 and up) adds the most requested feature – favorites! You can sort them in your own PlayMix. I like to play a few hourly headlines on-demand and then have the app flow into a favorite live station. When I was about your age, my uncle gave me an old shortwave radio. I lived in a smallish city surrounded by river bluffs with very limited local broadcast choices. Then I strung wires all over the place and discovered that shortwave could bring me the world. It was amazing. This sparked a lifetime interest in understanding the wide world around me. While there are thousands of websites with global news and many often overhyping TV news networks, I was missing the more thoughtful and insightfully human voice of world radio. And as you noted, many classic shortwave stations are only on the web (although I sure do miss the amazing quality of Radio Netherlands programming) and as a DVR/Tivo guy, the skill of listening or watching something at a certain time is a lost art to me. So I built (with help and money) the 1 Radio News app. Your review of the Live stations was excellent and for those who like to discover stations, you still get that buzz when you listen to something surprising like a community talk show from a small Caribbean island live or the Voice of Mongolia on-demand. the BBC World Service is awesome, but there is soooo much more out there. With the iOS version (yes, it is taking time and is over budget), we are working on a better way to search and browse through the 350+ shows and podcasts I have carefully reviewed and selected. Those improvements will come to Android if it takes off on iOS revenue wise (ads, subscriptions, etc.). However, for a DXer, the hunting through the current list is a welcome adventure. 😉 Thanks, Steven Clift 1 Radio News P.S. My kids who are 9 and going on 11, loved watching your review with me. Time for me to get our my 2nd shortwave radio, an old Radio Shack model and let them have some fun.