Pandora for news? Spotify for news?


1 Radio News is becoming the world’s #1 source for global news radio in one unified simple app.

We think the idea that people want a “Pandora for news” radio is bonkers.

Rather than exploding radio into a gazillion parts to then have a tone-deaf computer personalize a mix just for you is not what radio is about. Quality radio is about being surprised. It embraces serendipity. It is a craft where dedicated people put together a spoken-word experience with talent and thought.

That said, many people do want quick access to the latest news headlines from the sources they trust. Many like access to news headlines from different perspectives and nations. They do want quick access to new shows they might try – but not a jumble of audio that they can’t scan like web headlines. Most of us trust that broadcast radio – around the world – is an awesome filter for producing and sharing the best of audio. Most of us don’t want profanity laden podcasts.

Our sense is that most people wonder why we can’t just have simply awesome access to radio on-demand without complicated podcast apps and buzzwords. Yes, some folks love searching for hours for the golden needle in the stack of millions of podcast episodes. Use a podcast app for that. For the rest of us, who just want to listen to the latest news on our commute, on a walk, or during quiet times at night, this where 1 Radio News comes in – just press a button and listen to fresh radio news from around the world in English.


Our top rated Pro world radio app has:

  • Hourly and daily radio news from dozens of top broadcasters
  • Over 250 carefully selected on-demand shows in English
  • Over 200 live streams with English, including our global “shortwave showcase” of stations
  • Over 60 countries – in English!

getongoogleplay        Coming soon to iOS

Some of the headlines, shows, and stations on our free version (400+ more on Pro):

1 Radio News Stations

Check out our quick video tour of the most popular world radio news app on Android.

For those anticipating our iPhone release, this will give you a preview of what you’ve been missing.

Are you Sirious? Just for you Siri, AKA Susan Bennett, 1 Radio News is coming to iPhone

Here at the 1 Radio News home office … the following email from Twitter caused quite a stir:


Thanks Susan/Siri! That’s way cool. My kids put this up there with my trip to the White House. 🙂 I/@1RadioNews followed you back.

In fact, as you are the voice of iPhone, we’ve accelerated our effort to launch 1 Radio News on iOS.

We invite you and all of you who have asked us when our 60+ nation collection of the top news radio on-demand and live would come to iPhone.

So sign-up on our email list below and you’ll be the first to know. In fact, you might even be invited to be a beta tester! (You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.)






1 Radio News for your iPhone – Get Hourly News Radio and more on iOS – Coming Soon!

iphones     1radionewsproicon

Big news.

You’ve asked for it. We’re listening!

1 Radio News is coming to iPhone.

We are excited to announce that our remarkably 4.7 rated 1 Radio News app on Android is coming to iOS.

You’ll get:

  • Top sources free – The absolutely best world news radio stations and hourly news and daily shows
  • Pro level  option – Go Pro for the world’s best 250+ news shows on-demand and the world’s top 200+ live radio streams for news and spoken word entertainment with English
  • New features – An updated interface and first-time features
  • Favorites – Our PlayMix feature (just released on Android) lets you combine on-demand headlines, shows, and live streams into your own personalized world radio station-like experience

Sign-up now and be the first know when this awesome radio app is released. (And perhaps join our exclusive beta testing crew.)



Let’s Celebrate #WorldRadioDay – February 13

worldradioday2016Get 1 Radio News

To celebrate World Radio Day, we are giving away a free upgrade to 1 Radio News Pro for every hour of the day.

Did you know 1 Radio News Pro has English-language radio news on-demand or live from over 60 countries?

To enter, just sign-up for our new email newsletter.

P.S. We just soft-launched our new PlayMix feature exclusively for Pro app listeners. What’s PlayMix? Details for coming, but imagine mixing your favorite on-demand headlines and shows with live stations in the ultimate world radio news experience.



The Little Radio App that Could – 1000 Paid 1 Radio News Pro Installs

We’ve done it! 1 Radio News Pro reached its 1000th paid install.

In fact, it is a great sign when your app is installed on more devices than you’ve sold. News radio fans love 1 Radio News Pro. Buy once and install on as many Android devices as you like tied your Google Play account.

With hundreds of carefully selected news shows and stations, a new favorites feature is on its way. Our “PlayMix” feature will let you craft your own mix of “Play All” headlines, shows, and live streams.

Like 30,000 people before you, you can try out the free 1 Radio News version before you upgrade. For many, our top ten headlines, shows, and live stations on the free version are all you need.

Where does 1 Radio News fit in?

Modified chart from AppBrain.
Modified chart from AppBrain.

In the app world, they talk about the loooooong tail with over a million apps that few people download and even fewer use. See all those apps on the left side of the chart with fewer than 1,000 installs. Yikes.

In just over a year with version 2, we’ve solidly entered the middle body in the top third of apps install wise for both our free and paid versions.

Why? Radio news lovers who find our app, use it. If you want to listen to this hour’s headlines or today’s news from sources around the world, this is the fastest, easiest, and simplest app in the world.

While hot games tend to rocket up the charts download wise. People burn out on them pretty quick. It just so happens that News has great app retention and frequency of use. You can “Play All” on 1 Radio News once an hour and get a fresh experience. See this chart from Flurry:

app loyalty by category

Depending upon what stats you believe, 1 Radio News Free, has a strong retention rate and our paid app is off the charts.

Someday, we might even reach the “short head” will a million installs, but first we need to get to 50,000 free downloads, the next level that earns you a “sticker” on Google Play. 🙂

With more ratings from our fans (our 4.7 rating for Pro is outstanding), more sharing, and more installs we can add new features and platforms (like iOS, Roku, Windows 10, and more) to bring quality news radio from around the world to many more people. Spread the word.

P.S. 1 Radio News Pro is in the top twenty of all paid apps in Google’s News and Magazine category.

Shortwave radio online

1 Radio News app – 1 Radio News, the quickest radio news app for Android.

Headlines and daily shows on-demand. Top global live stations including many international shortwave broadcasters. Radio with English from over 60 countries in one remarkable app.

1radionewsproicon     1 Radio News Screenshot

Free or pro (more stations, special global shortwave showcase, no ads).

In addition to being listed among the “Best Amateur and Shortwave Apps,” here are some awesome public reviews of the Pro version of the app from shortwave listening fans:

  • Awesome app! Great addition to my radio apps, remind me when my dad use to listen his short wave radio, great selection of radio stations.
  • More Than Replaces Shortwave This app is amazing. It more than replaces my old shortwave radio. No waiting for nightfall, no moving upstairs to get a signal that fades in and out, no stringing lengths of copper wire to capture feint transmissions. What you get are clear broadcasts without distortion and the range of stations is surprising large. Worth every penny for the Pro version.
  • Awesome for SWLing in the modern world Perfect radio app. Shortwave radio is dead in North America. This app reminds me of evenings with my portable radio years ago in Angola.
  • Good news, a radio app for former shortwave radio listeners Headlines on demand! International and Domestic news!
  • #1 RADIO **** The best I’ve tried! Short Wave is alive and well. Excellent selection of channels from around the world. It is and does all as promised + more. Fantastic Sound quality.
  • Fantastic!!!!!! The best world radio app I ever seen. Tons of stations. Works well almost all the time. They even have old time radio and science fiction radio. Simply the best.
  • Amazing This app puts the world at my fingertips. Simple interface and fast loading. Selection is also brilliant and convenient, there’s something for everyone. Worth every cent, highly recommended if you’re a news junkie or an old-school SWL’er.
  • Great Radio App! I upgraded to the Pro version to get all the stations. It’s great to be able to listen to English radio broadcasts from different parts of the world in an easy to use app.
  • Best swl since my beloved 2010 Fantastic App, I was never completely satisfied with any of the small portables I bought over the years when I went out on my walks, now I not only get a superior selection of stations on my phone but if I hear a story I want to follow up on, my phone has access to this thing called the World Wide Web.
  • Fantastic! Reminds me of the old shortwave radio days. I would also stay up late at night trying to scratch in some far away station on the AM dial. I enjoy listening to news, current events and arts & culture programming from around the world and this app makes it so easy. If this type of thing interests you do yourself a favour and grab the pro version. For the price of a cup of coffee you get access to so many more sources.
  • Fabulous app! Old school news consumers rejoice! Great selection, fast to load….100% 5 stars! The upgrade was the best $X I’ve ever spent. My old shortwave has largely been gathering dust, as few english language broadcasters remain on the medium. Without a doubt one of my favorite apps. Would be lost w/o it. Many many thanks!

Not convinced that you should go pro? Try the free version first instead.

Special note on features – the more pro apps we sell, the sooner we can add favorites/pre-sets. Now that we’ve tripled the number of stations, added scores of on-demand news shows, and added 30+ hard to find shortwave broadcast streams with at least some English each day, we totally understand that our simple interface needs favorites and more.

New – The Best On-Demand Radio Shows and Podcasts with Version 2.1


After many months of work, we’ve added a new showcase of nearly 200 on-demand high quality radio news (mostly) shows and podcasts, including daily and weekly shows from 30+ countries in English.

Our amazingly 4.9 rated Pro app has a special shortwave Global Showcase with 30+ mostly daily shows from all around the world not found with this level of coverage in one convenient place on any other app. If you love “shortwave” news programming but want to listen on your own schedule, this is your dream app.  The app includes many shows no longer available on shortwave like Radio Sweden as well as shows in English from places you didn’t expect like Mongolia.

In the Pro app we’ve tossed in a few additional showcases of weekly shows including a pack of Science/Environmental shows, a Kids collection (like stories I can play for my kids), and a learning English set of podcasts.

Our free app, in addition to the new headline sources, includes a Pro Showcase sharing some daily news shows highlighted from our Pro collection, for all to enjoy for a limited time. (With our paid app, it is the convenience and careful show/stream selection and NOT the radio content for which you are paying. If you have time, you can find the buried gems across the web.)


In addition to daily shows, we’ve culled through podcast popularity lists for major countries and identified many of the most popular news-related shows as well as popular “podcasts” of entertaining weekly shows from major public broadcasters and others. We have more to add, but are being very selective despite nearing 200 on-demand shows.

Unlike often complicated podcast apps, we simply play the latest episode of frequently updated shows with one button. While not as fast as streaming, most shows start within 10 seconds. If you actually want to go back and listen to old stuff, get yourself a podcast app or visit the stations directly.

Future Features

Radio news junkies looove us and a 4.9 rating makes 1 Radio News Pro one of the highest rated paid apps on Google Play with a real user base.

However, let’s be honest and note that 1 Radio News is a bootstrapped micro start-up at this point.

1 Radio News is essentially a hobby with a chance of becoming a go-to app for a million or more radio news listeners seeking the most convenient access to news and information via mobile and other devices. However, only IF you and everyone who loves this app helps spread the word will we bring quality radio from diverse global sources to more people. Most of our potential users have no idea what they are missing! (And we don’t have the million dollars needed to advertise ourselves to a million downloads … yet. ;-).) So please share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via email.

Revenue from more Pro app sales and more free users clicking on the very non-intrusive ads we run will go straight into new features. So, for version 3.0 we need to reach at least 25,000 downloads up from 10,000. We are building momentum with more than double the number of daily users and new daily installs over a few months ago.

Future feature ideas include “pre-sets” or favorites, sortable play all list for on-demand, sleep timer, alarm clock, and others. Some features may become in-app purchases in the free version. See the button within the app to our Google+ 1 Radio News Beta community or contact us at to ask for an invite to join our Beta team.

A huge thanks goes out to our lead developer William Seemann for his work on the app since day one. We may engage additional developers to help us as our “day jobs” keep us busy, so get in touch if you are passionate about mobile app development and radio news on Android, iOS, Windows 10, Roku, and/or other platforms.

Thank you for being a 1 Radio New fan!

Steven Clift
1 Radio News Guy – Show/stream selector, app promoter and owner.