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The two most requested 1 Radio News Pro features are:

  • Search – Show and Station Search
  • Better Player* – Rewind, Playing Now Time and Progress Bar, etc.

Do you want those new features too?

If yes, donate here today via PayPal.**

Your support is vital. With just 1,000 active Pro users each month, we need every loyal user that can afford it to donate something if we are to improve this app and to maintain the constantly changing playlist.

International radio news interest is an extremely niche interest and the work required cannot be covered by a one-time app price.

Revenue from Pro sales and ads on the Free version are only covering 10% of our software development and support time costs. All the revenue is being invested back into tech “maintenance” and I’ve eaten the over $100,000 in time costs over the last three years.

So to get the new features you want, we need your help now.

The next update will also squash the top three crash causing bugs on both the Free and Pro versions. Another huge fix is a massive reduction in data use with the Play-All feature. We’ve also adapted our tech to better play the English-language podcasts from India’s national public broadcaster.


Crowdfunding the future 1 Radio News – Together we can build this

Anyone donating any amount now to our crowdfunding effort will get access to a free lifetime subscription to the future all-new 1 Radio in late 2018. This is a limited time offer.

While updates to the current 1 Radio News Pro playlist will continue for at least another full year, a future amazing rebuilt from scratch 1 Radio will switch to a $2 (or less) monthly subscription for premium features and a larger directory. We need at least $3,000 a monthly in revenue and not $300 to continue this labor of love.

What we do better than anyone in the world is find, review, and sort the best hourly, daily and weekly news and analysis audio content on-demand. We will bring our master curation to new languages and more local news headlines as well. To keep this app going, the couple thousand people on Android who really really love news radio who both bought the Pro app and use it regularly need to band to together to make this a viable small business. Might the next version of the app attract tens of thousands of subscribers, maybe, but I doubt it. But if there are 1,000 of you willing to pay $2 a month, we can keep this radio train moving!

So donate any amount today and consider a monthly donation.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 for these two new priority features and $10,000 for the full rebuild. If you’d like to invest in a future matching fund or explore opportunities to take 1 Radio to 1 million downloads, please get in touch.


Steven Clift – Contact me.
1 Radio News Guy

* The better player plans include a playing now progress bar where you can forward or rewind to a specific point in a show, a ten second rewind button, and playing time information. This way if you need to come back to a longer on-demand show you can skip ahead. With enough support, we are considering adding a skip feature you can use with Play-All and your favorites PlayMix to jump to the next show as well as the option to speed up or slow down on-demand audio.

** Donations are not tax deductible for this is simply a small business that is more of a subsidized hobby with the potential for more.



Celebration time.

1 Radio News has crossed the 100,000 download mark. Thank you listeners.

Try it.

Out of over 3 million apps on Google Play, here is where we sit.

Not bad for a “bootstrapped” niche radio news app. Bootstrapped means self-funded. We pay for improvements based on earned revenue from unobtrusive ads and sales of our 1 Radio News Pro app with more features, shows, and stations. Downloads are organic and there is no cash burn from venture funds. We are laser focused on our users who make this app possible.

With other audio news/spoken word/podcast “mixing” apps attracting millions in investment or being bought up by Google with fewer than 10,000 Android downloads, I guess we should let it be known that we do see an opportunity to go big with a 3rd generation design, adding additional languages, and launching some country specific versions in places like India.

Our niche is helping listeners quickly get the global news of the hour or day on-demand and then sending them to our favorite live news station. Our ratings and downloads suggest we are doing it better than other radio news apps even if our simple design looks like it could use an uplift. Whether it is crowdfunding or taking on investors for a major design/feature boost for Android or taking our whiz bang iOS prototype across the finish line, let us know what you think or suggest how we can work together to get to a million downloads and beyond.

P.S. Retention and daily use matters more than downloads. According to our app peers in various online groups, we have an extremely high 30 day retention rate.


Get your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing “experience” on your smartphone via 1 Radio News Pro

Our household picked up an Amazon Echo recently. If you love audio gadgets and you have the money, try out Amazon Echo or Google Home.

It was an honor to see that Amazon essentially copied our 1 Radio News PlayMix feature where you can mix short audio headlines from multiple sources (podcasts) to create your own update. Great minds think alike. 😉

However, with 1 Radio News Pro:

  1. You can take your headlines everywhere with your Android phone.
  2. You can start your PlayMix (headlines) anywhere you want … among your hourly headlines, daily shows, or weekly favorites.
  3. You can visually find more on-demand global news in English from obscure hourly, daily, and weekly services.
  4. Like Amazon Alexa, you can launch your PlayMix with a voice command with our new auto-play option on. But we don’t have other fancy voice commands like … stop. 😉
  5. 1 Radio News Pro is 97% cheaper than the Amazon Echo and no special device is needed.

That said, our family really enjoys our Amazon Echo and the spread of the concept of a “flash briefing” for news headlines will only send more people our way looking for a different way to experience fresh news on-demand.

Beta, Beta, Beta – New auto-play on start

Become a 1 Radio News Beta tester here (free) or for our Pro version.


With all the hype about Amazon Echo and Google Home, you’d think there are hundreds of millions of these devices out there. One of their top advertised features is the ability to play radio news headlines with a voice request. Hey, great idea!

Why wait for a special device? Why not use your smartphone with your voice instead right now?!

That’s the idea with our new “auto-play” upon opening feature.

Free listeners hear the PlayAll hourly news headlines automatically when they launch the app.

Pro listeners hear their personalised PlayMix favorites.

(Or, turn auto-play off and use the app like it usual.)

Add, the nifty, practically hidden option to launch apps on Android with your voice and you have an hands-free option to start the news when you need it. Just say:

OK Google, Launch 1 Radio News (Pro)

Depending upon your device settings, you may have to first unlock your phone or press the mic button in the Google Now search bar.

Become a 1 Radio News Beta tester here (free) or for our Pro version.

More Beta Notes

The most important goal with our current testing is to squash bugs.

As part of our direct engagement with the Google Play team (yes, they’ve discovered us and approved our free app for featuring), we installed code called Firebase which among other things will help us identify and squash bugs that might cause crashes across the 12,000+ devices that run Android.

If you read our reviews on Pro in particular, you’ll see we go back and forth with our dedicated users to improve this app trying our best to serve as many device/Android version combinations possible. That’s why we average a 4.6 or 4.7 rating.

However, we need your direct beta experience with the app to report those annoyances where the app doesn’t crash BUT doesn’t work as you would expect or as you would like.

By the way, with a previous release for Pro users, we added a sleep timer. Upgrade to Pro and fall asleep to 1 Radio News.

As we gear up for a crowdfunding drive to launch a major new 3.0 version of 1 Radio News on Android, we are planning one more high request 2.X feature – a more advanced audio player on Pro (and Free once we celebrate 100,000 downloads). Stay tuned.

As a “bootstrapped” effort (which means we don’t have investors and instead are paying for software development based on actual revenue – which is small, but consistent), we are hyper tuned to your feedback on what you want with the freshest radio news headlines and diverse global live news radio sources. Our goal remains to make the freshest radio news easy to access on-demand within the hour or day it is still relevant and new.

Become a 1 Radio News Beta tester here (free) or for our Pro version.

US Presidential election 2016 podcasts directory

podcastsforpresident  1 Radio News

Looking for deeper insights about the U.S. 2016 Presidential election?

After you listen to the fresh hourly radio news headlines via the 1 Radio News app, go in-depth with our special Podcasts for President collection.

Now through the November 2016 U.S. election, the free version of our news radio Android app will feature interesting on-demand election 2016 podcasts (typically with fresh episodes weekly) specifically about the race for President of the United States. (On iPhone? 1 Radio News is coming to iOS soon!)

The weekly (mostly) inside the Presidential campaign podcasts we are featuring thus far include (includes new additions):

As usual, our app features a unique combination of live news radio, hourly news on-demand with a unique Play All feature, and select news shows. When the campaign trail is hot, use our app many times a day.

What’s missing? We’d love to add a podcast with extended clips of candidate stump speeches updated daily or at least weekly. Tip us off.

In our addition to our collection, here are some other podcast recommendation lists:

At 1 Radio News, our app is all about fresh news. In addition to most of the podcasts recommended above, the top rated Pro version of our app has over 350+ carefully selected shows on-demand that are updated hourly, daily, or weekly.

EuropeDX YouTube review of 1 Radio News Pro – A 12 year-old 12 minute celebration of world radio

Forget that Lifehacker review we’d love to see, we’ve got Dean Denton with the EuropeDX video channel on YouTube is on the job with his review.

Imagine a world with millions of young people like Dean around the world listening to radio to build greater understanding across borders. Instead of just viewing young people as revenue sources for music services, how about seeing them as young minds who will shape our world. World news radio presents an amazing opportunity for empowering the mobile-first generation with knowledge and a counter to social media extremism we worry so much about.

Watch Dean’s review, then get the Pro app!

If you are on iPhone, add your email to our iOS pre-order list.

P.S. Here is a copy of my comment on his YouTube video:

Howdy Dean! I love the review. Folks can learn more about the app from: The newest Pro version (Android 3.0 and up) adds the most requested feature – favorites! You can sort them in your own PlayMix. I like to play a few hourly headlines on-demand and then have the app flow into a favorite live station. When I was about your age, my uncle gave me an old shortwave radio. I lived in a smallish city surrounded by river bluffs with very limited local broadcast choices. Then I strung wires all over the place and discovered that shortwave could bring me the world. It was amazing. This sparked a lifetime interest in understanding the wide world around me. While there are thousands of websites with global news and many often overhyping TV news networks, I was missing the more thoughtful and insightfully human voice of world radio. And as you noted, many classic shortwave stations are only on the web (although I sure do miss the amazing quality of Radio Netherlands programming) and as a DVR/Tivo guy, the skill of listening or watching something at a certain time is a lost art to me. So I built (with help and money) the 1 Radio News app. Your review of the Live stations was excellent and for those who like to discover stations, you still get that buzz when you listen to something surprising like a community talk show from a small Caribbean island live or the Voice of Mongolia on-demand. the BBC World Service is awesome, but there is soooo much more out there. With the iOS version (yes, it is taking time and is over budget), we are working on a better way to search and browse through the 350+ shows and podcasts I have carefully reviewed and selected. Those improvements will come to Android if it takes off on iOS revenue wise (ads, subscriptions, etc.). However, for a DXer, the hunting through the current list is a welcome adventure. 😉 Thanks, Steven Clift 1 Radio News P.S. My kids who are 9 and going on 11, loved watching your review with me. Time for me to get our my 2nd shortwave radio, an old Radio Shack model and let them have some fun.

Top Live News Radio Stations – 1 Million Listens Says

1 Radio News Stations

With over one million “listens” on the 1 Radio News Pro and Free apps, here are the world’s top ten live news radio stations (web streams) based on actual use. Previously we shared the world’s top ten radio news sources on-demand.

Have a listen. Live.

… then try our Android app or sign-up for the future iPhone version.

  1. BBC World Service – UK
  2. BBC Radio 4 – UK
  3. NPR – US
  4. CBC Radio 1 – Canada
  5. American Public Media (via Minnesota Public Radio News) – US
  6. NDTV Audio – India
  7. VOA – US
  8. ABC National – Australia
  9. World Radio Network – 10+ countries
  10. Public Radio International – US

As a bonus, some more popular news radio streams include BBC Radio 5 Live, KBS Korea, SA FM South Africa, Radio Sputnik Russia, MyTalk US, BBC London, Fox News Radio, Antioch Radio Old Time Radio US, and Deutsche Welle English Germany. Some of these stations are part of our “Pro” app with 200+ hard to find stations – they are free on the web somewhere IF you can find them. With our app, we filter out most of the music so you can find quality news, talk, and other spoken-word programming. Of note are our many “island” stations with English-language news/talk mostly in their morning and music the rest of the day.

Our mobile app’s Play All feature simply plays headlines one after the other from our top ten headlines list on the top and provides the top ten plus live streams below. On the Pro version, you can sort your favorites from scores of live news stations, world services/external services, and unique spoken word stations as well as on-demand hourly sources and the best 300+ daily and weekend radio shows in English that we’ve carefully selected from dozens of countries.

With app listeners from over 200 nations and major territories using 1 Radio News, our audience is very global. 35% of our Free version listeners are from the United States with South Korea, India, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, and Nigeria rounding out our top ten countries in terms of frequent free app users.

Related: See for our list of the world’s top ten radio news sources on-demand and watch for our list of the world’s top ten daily news magazines made available as podcasts.

World’s Top Ten Most Popular Radio News Headlines On-Demand

1 Radio News Stations

With over one million “listens” on the 1 Radio News Pro and Free apps, here are the world’s top ten radio news headline sources based on actual use.

Have a listen. On-demand.

Then try the Android app or sign-up for the future iPhone version.

  1. BBC – UK
  2. NPR – US
  3. VOA – US
  4. CBC – Canada
  5. FOX – US
  6. RFI – France
  7. SkyNews – UK
  8. NHK – Japan
  9. CBS – US
  10. ESPN Sports – US

As a bonus, the next six most popular sources are KBS Korea, EuroNews, FSN US, Learning English VOA News, Daily Grind India, and DW Germany.

Our mobile app’s Play All feature simply plays headlines one after the other. On the Pro version, you can sort your favorites from hourly sources and the best 300+ on-demand daily and weekend radio shows in English that we carefully selected from dozens of countries.

With app listeners from over 200 nations and major territories using 1 Radio News, our audience is very global. 35% of our Free version listeners are from the United States with South Korea, India, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, and Nigeria rounding out our top ten countries in terms of frequent free app users.

Stay tuned for our list of the world’s top ten radio news streams and then our list of the world’s top ten daily news magazines made available as podcasts.

Also, there are many radio news sources that haven’t woken up to the idea of sharing their hourly news headlines as full podcasts … here are our tips on reaching a wider audience on-demand with “hard” news radio not just niche programs or storytime.

Podcasts, smodcasts … give me today’s radio news on-demand


The other week our good friends at US-based National Public Radio shared a very interesting nugget from the NPR One app experience:

“… the presence of a local newscast is the ‘single biggest indicator that a user will return to NPR One,’ and NPR One can open up local stations to new audiences well beyond their geographic tower areas.”

That’s great. People love radio news … when it is fresh.

Do more. Local radio stations and state networks can do more to maximize their digital on-demand listener reach.

Some ideas:

  1. News matters, embrace it – Yeah, the hype about the next niche podcast is loud, but if you don’t prioritize getting your existing news into the on-demand ecology, your station is missing an opportunity to build your relevancy for today’s mobile/digital on-demand listeners.
  2. Headlines on your website – National broadcasters like Radio New Zealand do it right with their hourly bulletins right a top their news section. Your station might even place it on your website header next to your live stream. Appending various promotional audio after your headlines is a also great opportunity to promote future live programming, new podcasts, pledge drive messages, etc.
  3. Static MP3 file for your latest headlines – A number of top global new sources for years have updated a simple MP3 file – the BBC and others do this
  4. Podcast web feed for news headlines – While NPR, FOX and other national broadcasters do this, Minnesota Public Radio is one of the only local/regional stations we can find with a feed for their (often M-F daytime) hourly news . Yes, add your headlines to NPR One, but don’t lock yourself into one app. Make sure your headlines are accessible on your own app but also the wide podcast ecology
  5. Podcast web feed just for full news shows – There are a number of quality news sources like RTE from Ireland and other who either mix story by story items with full shows or just put out a list of stories. While it is OK to have by story feed, for your signature radio news magazine have a clean feed with just your full show. Forcing people to chose stories one at a time doesn’t let users “set it an forget it.” People just want to press play and do other stuff while they listen to your news not get their wet dish water hands on their phones to pick the next story in their podcast app to download. Offer more feeds for niche repeated programming rather than just mega feeds with multiple shows all bunched together. For example that RTE feed could also offer just a Sports News feed for example. ABC in Australia does something interesting with thematic by subject feed options as well.
  6. Get on iTunes – While you should never just display your iTunes feed on your site, getting each of your podcast feeds into iTunes will feed your directory content to whole of the podcasting ecology including to most Android users who use many different podcast apps that often offer iTunes powered searches
  7. Get in Stitcher, Google Play Podcasts, others – Take the time to submit your feeds to major podcasting directories. Don’t be so iTunes-centric. Most people are now on Android, just not media types and folks with money.

Send Us Your News Podcast Links

While there are a number of signature daily news shows from local US public radio stations/networks in our list of the top 350 radio news shows around the world (in our Pro app), we’d love to add more hourly and daily news headlines and shows from around the US public radio and beyond. Our new iOS version in development will also add a bunch of discovery features to help people find more news options by place. If you do #3 or #4 above (or already do), send us your details via email.

The best 300+ world radio news shows in English

Wow, we’ve built quite a playlist for world news radio with our 1 Radio News Pro app. Radio on-demand is best when served fresh – so we focus on hourly, daily, and weekly programs.


Here are the best 350+ shows from 65+ countries all in English that you can play on-demand via our Pro app for Android.

This represents at 1,000+ hours of scouring the net for hard to find news radio on-demand from reputable sources and places you never imagined with at least some English language programming. Unlike iTunes and other often complex podcast apps cluttered with a gazillion old episodes sharing 100x more opinion than hard news, we simply play the latest fresh episodes on-demand from this hour, today, or this week. Radio on-demand is best when served fresh.

(The list is subject to change. In some cases you must listen via the web because they don’t have podcasts. Most are news mixed with a bit of entertainment, storytelling and top podcasts like our Presidential Podcasts. P.S. With our upcoming iOS release, we are introducing creative ways to browse and search these many offerings.)

5 Live Science BBC 5 Live
6 Minutes English BBC – Weekly
99% Invisible
ABC 20/20 (Audio)
ABC News Radio (US)
ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos (Audio)
ABC World News This Week (Audio)
AP News
Academic Campaign Context (from Finland)
Africa Link DW
Africa News Tonight VOA
Africa Today – BBC World Service
Alaska Nightly News
Albania (
All Ears English
All India Radio News
American Radio Works Documentaries
Asia News Weekly Podcast
Au SkyNews Market
Aust Daily Telegraph Podcast
Aust Rural News
Australia AM News ABC
Australia All Over ABC
Australia Background Briefing ABC
Australia Conversations with Richard Fidler
Australia Correspondent
Australia Country Hour, Weekly Best of
Australia Drive ABC
Australia Hack Triple J ABC
Australia Hamish and Andy
Australia PM ABC
Australia Pacific Beat
Australia SBS World News
Australia Saturday Extra ABC
Australia Sunday Extra ABC
Australia Weekly Post ABC
Australia World Today ABC
Austria News – O1 Report from Austria
Austria ORF Reality Check
BBC Best of Today Radio 4
BBC Business Daily World Service – UK AM
BBC Business Matters World Service – UK PM
BBC Business World Report World Service – UK Midday
BBC Comedy of the Week
BBC Daily Commute
BBC Friday Night Comedy
BBC From Our Own Correspondent
BBC Global News (Twice Daily)
BBC In our time – History
BBC Infinite Monkey Cage
BBC Minute (youth audience)
BBC Movie Reviews
BBC Radio
BBC Scotland Business (Weekly)
BBC Scotland Morning
BBC Six O’clock News Radio 4
BBC The Archers (Daily)
BBC Ulster Nolan, Best of
BBC Wales Sunday Supplement
BBC Westminster Hour Radio 4
BBC Woman’s Hour Radio 4
BBC World Business Report
BBC World Have Your Say World Service
BBC World Tonight Radio 4
BBC World of Business Peter Day (Weekly)
BBC4 Seriously Documentaries
BBCWS Documentaries
BBCWS Fifth Floor (Intl correspondents in English)
BBCWS Inquiry
BBCWS Newshour
BBCWS World This Week
Backchat RTHK
Bangladesh Batar News
Best of Our Knowledge US PRI
Bloomberg All Podcasts
Bloomberg Brief
Brain Trust Live – For aspiring fact-knowers
British Tech News Network
Brussels Radio X
Business Irish Times
C-SPAN Washington Today
CBC Because News
CBC Comedy Factory
CBC Definitely Not Opera
CBC Irrelevant Show
CBC Laugh Out Load
CBC Vinyl Cafe
CBC q Arts Show
CBS 60 Minutes Audio US
CBS Eye on Washington
CBS Face the Nation Audio US
CBS News Weekend Roundup
CBS Radio World News Roundup (Daily)
CBS Reporter’s Notebook
CBS Tech Talk Magid
CBS What’s in the News
CNN Amanpour Audio
CNN Anderson Cooper Audio
CNN Axe Files (Audio)
CNN Erin Burnett Audio
CNN Running Mate Audio
CNN Situation Room Blitzer Audio
CNN State of the Union
CNN The Lead Tupper Audio
California Report KQED
Campaign Diary, Face the Nation (2-3 week)
Canada As it Happens CBC
Canada At Issues CBC TV Audio
Canada CBC
Canada Cross Country Checkup CBC
Canada Current CBC
Canada Day 6 CBC
Canada Doc Project CBC
Canada Ideas CBC
Canada Link RCI Weekly
Canada Power and Politics CBC
Canada Sunday Edition CBC
Canada The 180 CBC
Canada The House CBC (Parliament)
Canada Unreserved CBC – Indigenous
Canada World Report (morning CBC)
Canada World This Hour (afternoon CBC)
Canada World at 6 (evening CBC)
Canadaland Podcast ~2 Week
Central Time Wisc PR
Channel Africa Digest (Weekly)
Channel Africa Midday
Channel Africa Rise and Shine
China Beijing Hour CRI
China Drive CRI
China Roundtable CRI
China World News Analysis CRI
Click BBC World Service
Costing the Earth BBC Radio 4
DW Inside Europe
DW World Link
Daily Dose Weird News
Daily Tech News Show
Daybreak Africa VOA
Democracy Now Pacifica US
Discovery BBC World Service
ESL Podcast
Egypt Radio Cairo
EuroNews Radio
FT Listen to Lucy
FT News Financial Times
FT Politics Weekly
FT World Weekly
FiveThirtyEight Elections
Forum KQED San Francisco
Fox News Radio Hourly
Fox News Sunday US
France 24 Business Daily
France Intl Report RFI
France RFI
Free Speech Radio News Weekly
Germany DW News
Germany World in Progress DW
Heritage RTHK Weekly
History – Presidential WashPost (weekly)
History – Whistlestop Slate (twice monthly)
Hong Kong Money Talk RTHK
Hong Kong Radio 3 Newsbulletin RTHK
Hong Kong Today RTHK
Ideacast – Harvard Business Review
India Big Fight NDTV (Weekly)
India Global AIR World Service
India Left, Right, Centre NDTV
India Newslaundry Podcast (Weekly)
India Truth v. Hype NDTV (Weekly)
India We the People NDTV (Weekly)
Ireland Callan’s Kicks RTE Comedy
Ireland Documentary RTE
Ireland NewsTalk Breakfast
Ireland Playback RTE
Ireland Seascapes RTE
Ireland Sunday Misc RTE
Irish Times Inside Politics
Japan NHK
Jerusalem Post Podcast (Weekly)
Just Japan Podcast (Weekly)
Keepin’ it 1600
Latin Pulse Latin America (Weekly)
Le Show Harry Shearer
Learn English In the News VOA
Learn English VOA Broadcast
Listen to English – Peter Carter
Living Planet DW
Living on Earth US PRI
Long read UK Guardian weekly
MSNBC Morning Joe Audio
MSNBC Rachel Maddow Audio
Maine, This Day in – MPBN
Malaysia Breakfast Grille BFM
Malaysia In Case You Missed It – BFM (Weekly)
MarketWatch Money, Markets & More
Marketplace Tech
Middle East Week Podcast (Weekly)
Miller Minnesota PR News
Minnesota MPR News
Mongolia (
Monocle Briefing
Morning Brew RTHK Weekly
Myanmar Radio (Radio360)
Mystery Show
NPR Ask Me Another
NPR Fresh Air
NPR Latino USA
NPR Planet Money
NPR Politics Podcast (2-3 week)
NPR Story of the Day
NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
NPR World Story of the Day
NZ Dateline Pacific Radio New Zealand
NZ News Radio New Zealand
NZ World and Pacific News Radio New Zealand
Naked Scientists
Nature Podcast
Nepal (
New Yorker Politics and More
News at 11 RTHK
Newswrap RTHK
O’Brien Mystery Hour, LBC UK
OTR Relic Radio
OTR Vintage Radio
Off Topic Irish Times Podcast
On Point Tom Ashbrook Boston WBUR
On the Media WNYC US
Oregon Morning News OPB
PRI The World
PRI Whad’Ya Know? Michael Feldman
Pakistan, How to (2-3 times week)
Paris News
Poland Warsaw Forum (Weekly)
Political Junkie with Ken Rudin
Politico Europe (~3/week)
Politico Off Message
Politico’s 2016 Nerdcast
Polling Matters
Prairie Home News From Lake Wobegon
QI No Such Thing as a Fish
Quirks and Quarks CBC
RAE Argentina (Radio360)
Radio Drama Revival
Radio Havana Cuba (
Radio Poland News
Radio Prague
Radio Romania (
Radio Sweden (Weekly)
Radio Taiwan (Radio360)
S. Korea KBS News  (Twice Daily)
SA Burning Platform CliffCentral (Weekly)
SA Cape Talk Africa Report
SA Cape Talk Redi Tlhabi
SA Daily Maverick CliffCentral (Weekly)
SK Creative Minds South Korea KBS Weekly
SK TV News Today KBS Audio
SK This Morning eFM tbs
Science Friday PRI US
Science Hour BBC World Service
Science Update Daily
Science VS
Science in Action BBC World Service
Seattle Morning News KIRO
Seoul Calling South Korea KBS
Shortwave+ World of Radio w/ Glenn Hauser
Sky News Daily News Summary
Slate Daily
Slate Political Gabfest
Slate The Gist
Slate Trumpcast
Slovakia (
Slovenia (
Slovenia Weekly Highlights
Slovenia, Do you feel …
Smart Power Smart Woman CSIS US – Twice Monthly
South Africa SAfm News Bulletins
South Korea News KBS
Spain RNE
Spectrum DW
StarTalk Radio
Studio 360 Documentaries
Stuff You Should Know
SwissInfo Weekly
Syria Radio Damascus
TED Radio Hour
TIME The Brief
Tajikistan Voice of Tajik (
Tech News Today TWiT
Texas Standard
France 24 In the Papers
The Economist Audio
The Pollsters (twice weekly)
The Ticket 2016 – From Texas
This American Life
Turkmenistan (
TwentySixteen National Journal
UK Guardian Politics Weekly
UK Guardian Tech Weekly
UK SkyNews Update
UN News in Brief
US ABC Nightline (Audio)
US ABC World News (Audio)
US CBS Evening News (Audio)
US ESPN Sportscenter Update
US Feature Story News
US Here and Now NPR
US Marketplace Evening Report
US Moth Radio Hour
US NBC Nightly News (Audio)
US Native America Calling
US Native American News
US NewsHour PBS (Audio)
US Radiolab
US Takeaway PRI
US This Morning Gordon Deal (fmr WSJ)
USA Today 5 Things
USA Today Capital Download
USA Today Tech Talk
Undecided – Pacifica
VOA Global News
VOA Intl Edition
Vatican Radio News
Vermont Edition VPR
Vietnam loa (Activist, twice monthly)
Vox’s The Weeds
WSJ Tech News Briefing
WSJ What’s News
WSJ Your Money Matters
Web: Bulgaria
Web: Ghana Pulse
Web: Iran ParsToday
Web: Israel IBA World Service
Web: NZ Headlines
Web: Tunisia RTCI
Webber Minnesota PR News
What Happened HuffPost
Wired UK
Women’s Irish Times Podcast
World Next Week Council of Foreign Relations US
World View Irish Times
Zimbabwean #KwiriCast (Weekly)


Find these shows AND 200+ live stations in our Pro app for Android. Or sign-up to get notified about our upcoming iOS release.