AndroidCentral: 1 Radio News is an “app of the week”


Ara Wagoner, writer with AndroidCentral, says give your eyeballs a break and snack on news radio with 1 Radio News. We like that!

She writes:

“News never really stops, but I don’t always have time to read it with my eyeballs. Sometimes my eyeballs have had too much news (and other stuff) and they just need a break. Being able to snack on the headlines from news radio around the world is a boon …”

And finishes with:

“It also has a selection of live radio streams from around the world, which is invaluable during breaking news (especially breaking international news). 1 Radio News isn’t the most polished app (yet), but it saved me from going to fifty different websites and apps to pull down a five minute headlines clip, and I’m more than happy to support an app that saves me time and helps me be more informed than my producers. Especially as they ramp up their election coverage.”

Thanks Ara. We welcome all the new listeners joining the 1 Radio News listeners club thanks to your review. OK, it is not actually a club, but maybe it should be.

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