Celebration time.

1 Radio News has crossed the 100,000 download mark. Thank you listeners.

Try it.

Out of over 3 million apps on Google Play, here is where we sit.

Not bad for a “bootstrapped” niche radio news app. Bootstrapped means self-funded. We pay for improvements based on earned revenue from unobtrusive ads and sales of our 1 Radio News Pro appย with more features, shows, and stations. Downloads are organic and there is no cash burn from venture funds. We are laser focused on our users who make this app possible.

With other audio news/spoken word/podcast “mixing” apps attracting millions in investment or being bought up by Google with fewer than 10,000 Android downloads, I guess we should let it be known that we do see an opportunity to go big with a 3rd generation design, adding additional languages, and launching some country specific versions in places like India.

Our niche is helping listeners quickly get the global news of the hour or day on-demand and then sending them to our favorite live news station. Our ratings and downloads suggest we are doing it better than other radio news apps even if our simple design looks like it could use an uplift. Whether it is crowdfunding or taking on investors for a major design/feature boost for Android or taking our whiz bang iOS prototype across the finish line, let us know what you think or suggest how we can work together to get to a million downloads and beyond.

P.S. Retention and daily use matters more than downloads. According to our app peers in various online groups, we have an extremely high 30 day retention rate.


Get your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing “experience” on your smartphone via 1 Radio News Pro

Our household picked up an Amazon Echo recently. If you love audio gadgets and you have the money, try out Amazon Echo or Google Home.

It was an honor to see that Amazon essentially copied our 1 Radio News PlayMix feature where you can mix short audio headlines from multiple sources (podcasts) to create your own update. Great minds think alike. ๐Ÿ˜‰

However, with 1 Radio News Pro:

  1. You can take your headlines everywhere with your Android phone.
  2. You can start your PlayMix (headlines) anywhere you want … among your hourly headlines, daily shows, or weekly favorites.
  3. You can visually find more on-demand global news in English from obscure hourly, daily, and weekly services.
  4. Like Amazon Alexa, you can launch your PlayMix with a voice command with our new auto-play option on. But we don’t have other fancy voice commands like … stop. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. 1 Radio News Pro is 97% cheaper than the Amazon Echo and no special device is needed.

That said, our family really enjoys our Amazon Echo and the spread of the concept of a “flash briefing” for news headlines will only send more people our way looking for a different way to experience fresh news on-demand.